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Flame retardant reflective foil insulation with fibreglass core.

Why Use Reflective Insulation?

Insulation reduces the amount of heat transfer into or out of a building. The second law of physics teaches us that heat goes to cold. This transfer of heat to cold occurs by one of the following modes of heat transfer: conduction, convection and radiation. Fibreglass insulation alone only addresses the conduction and convection modes of heat transfer. EnergyGuard uses a fibreglass core to slow heat transfer through conduction and convection but also has a highly polished aluminium on both sides to address the radiation mode of heat transfer. Use of the right insulation product assures increased comfort, reduced energy consumption and improves condensation control. EnergyGuard is just such a product.

EnergyGuard's polished aluminium facings reflect 97% of all radiant heat striking them all year round . It’s micro-fibreglass core retains heated air during colder weather resulting in lower energy bills all the year round. Ambient temperatures are attained in the office without overuse of the air conditioning system in the summer or the heating system in the winter. If your energy bills are too high and your office or working environment is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, intalling one of our insulation systems including EnergyGuard Reflective Insulation is your solution.

EnergyGuard is extreemly easy and versatile to work with, having many applications to include loft conversions, under wooden floors or cellars, in fact most places where space for insulation is an issue, including boats and caravans. It has insulation properties equal to 100mm of regular insulation and deals with all 3 modes of heat loss and gain.  

The Science:

There are three modes of heat transfer/movement around buildings: Conduction, convection and radiation (infra-red energy). Of the three, radiation is the primary mode of heat transfer (75%). Conduction and convection are secondary and come into play only as matter interrupts or interferes with radiant heat transfer. As the matter absorbs radiant energy, it is heated, develops a difference in temperature and results in molecular motion: (conduction in solids) or mass motion (convection in liquids and gas).

All substances, including air spaces, building materials such as wood, glass, plaster and insulation obey the same laws of nature and transfer heat. Solid materials differ only in the rate of heat transfer, which is mainly affected by the difference in density, weight, shape, permeability and molecular structure. Direction of heat transfer is an important consideration. Heat is radiated and conducted in all directions but convected primarily upward. The figures below show the modes of heat loss in buildings. In all cases, radiation is the dominant mode of heat loss and gain.

Regular insulation alone only addresses conduction and convection.

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Being extremely light and only 6.5mm thick, EnergyGuard is one of the most versatile and efficient insulation products on the market today. Comfort is increased in residential and commercial applications by reducing heat loss in winter and radiant heat gain in summer.

Is your office too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer? EnergyGuard Reflective Insulation helps to keep your rooms at an ambient temperature throughout the seasons, greatly reducing winter fuel bills and summer cooling costs.


Versatility is the key!

EnergyGuard has many uses. It is our innovative solution to many thermal insulation needs. EnergyGuard:

  1. Available in rolls of width 24” and 48”.
  2. Flame retardant Class 1 BS 476 (Part 7).
  3. Easy to work with and manipulate.
  4. Can be cut to size with ordinary household scissors.
  5. No loose fibres.
  6. Staple to rafters using staple gun.
  7. Bird and rodent resistant.

What our customers thought:

 Insulatied whole loft. Very cool in summer, warm in winter, easy to do. I am delighted with the result!

 - Reviewed by Mr Gordon Wright from Bognor Regis.

 It's thin and doesnt weigh much. It is perforated lightly to prevent dampness from getting trapped. I spent a couple of hours under our timber suspended floor last night putting up about 6 sq m under the joists and the area treated is noticably nicer to bare or socked foot (no carpets). The heat isn't sucked out from our feet and the floor feels warmer. I'm very impressed. Given the very shallow crawlspace under the floor and that I was not willing to lift the floorboards, this was the perfect solution!

 - Reviewed by Adam Taylor from Yorkshire.

 Thank you, the insulation system and under floor insulation has made a huge difference to the feel and comfort of the building - and hopefully our carbon footprint too!

 Reviewed by Sharon Gill, Centre Manager and Development Worker, Broomhall Community Centre, Sheffield.

EnergyGuard is available to buy in rolls:

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