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Leading Suppliers of Reflective Insulation and Manufacturers of Suspended Ceiling Insulation Systems

Green Planet Suspended Ceiling Insulation System

Office too hot in summer and too cold in winter.

Why insulate a suspended ceiling?

If there is a void above your suspended ceiling such as the photograph on the right hand side of this page, 26 % of your valuable heat will be escaping straight through the ceiling every winter. That’s an expensive waste of energy and a huge carbon footprint for your business!

A suspended ceiling is unsuitable for rolled or blown insulation. Lights, cables, ventilation equipment and pipes housed in the suspended ceiling need occasional servicing.

Blown and rolled insulation can inhibit access to the ceiling space for maintenance of vital equipment. It also gets messy and deteriorates by being moved about to access the roof. Loose fibres and dust from blown and rolled insulation can contaminate equipment and be accidentally brought down to the rooms below on workmen’s clothing.

The recommended depth of insulation needed to maximize energy saving can be too heavy for the suspended ceiling to support.

The Solution? – The Green Planet Suspended Ceiling Insulation System:
Consisting of Green Planet Suspended Ceiling Insulation Pads and energyguard reflectors.

If your suspended ceiling looks like the top right photograph, congratulations – you are saving up to 30% on your heating bill and up to 40% on your annual cooling bill. (Figures confirmed by work completed by Green Planet Insulation Ltd working in conjunction with the Environment Agency)

The advantages of this system are:


Suspended Ceiling Insulation Pad (Bagged insulation):

This deals with conduction and convection. Heat is contained in the space below the ceiling void rather than rising through the suspended ceiling.

These encapsulated insulation pads; manufactured with a fire-retardant additive, come in 2 depths; 200mm and 100mm depending on your requirement and ceiling space. (fire certificates available on request).

Standard width: 600mm
Standard length: 1200mm.

Bespoke sizes can be manufactured on request though they can be made no wider than 600mm; please contact us with your requirements.

Energyguard reflector:

(made from Energyguard reflective insulation)

(Formerly known as SolarGuard Toppers)

Energyguard reflective insulation is made from 99% pure aluminium. This is the world’s 3rdbest reflector of radiant heat behind gold and silver.

The EnergyGuard reflector makes the Green Planet Suspended Ceiling Insulation System unique; as it deals with all 3 modes of heat transfer.

Please see free downloadable specifications sheet for details. (fire certificate available on request)

Depending on budget and requirements, the suspended ceiling insulation pad and reflective topper can be used together for maximum energy saving or separately for their individual properties.
Contact us with your measurements for a free quotation. NB: All of our insulation pads and reflective toppers are manufactured to order.

What our customers say:

 Through a number of measures including LED lighting replacement, heat pumps, sub-metering and installing the Green Planet Suspended Ceiling Insulation System, we have successfully achieved and A rating ( formerly a D rating) for our Display Energy Certificate. I am happy to say that your insulation syustem has helped us to achieve this.

 - reviewed by Rachel Davis, Project Manager to insulate the suspended ceilings at the Thames Barrier ( Environment Agency) 

 Thanks very much for the excellent service. The insulation system has made a huge difference to staff and customers at the surgery.

 - Reviewed by Enhanced Dental, Leeds

 Thank -you. the insulation system and underfloor insulation has made a huge difference to the feel and comfort of the building - and hopefully our carbon footprint too!

 - Reviewed by sharon Gill, Centre Manager and Development Worker, Broomhall Community Centre, Leeds.

Green Planet Insulation Ltd no longer offer an installation service but will train you or your chosen team to fit our ceiling insulation. Contact Paul on 07702 553867 for details.
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